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Check out my guided relaxation body scan & my short videos guiding you through a mindfulness routine & short yoga sequence.

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Follow my travels around Asia and see my posts I’ll be blogging with stories and recommendations.

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Taking time off of our busy lives to discover new places close to nature practicing yoga & mindfulness, connecting to our true selves…looking for that break or vacation to reset or transition into something new.

My Story

Hi, my name is Ryan. I was born on a farm in Iowa. I grew up with lots of open space in my environment, exploring and being close to nature. I was introduced to Yoga at age 18, practicing it on and off in life till I became a yoga teacher in 2016. Growing up I didn’t have a “supportive space” to talk about my thoughts, feelings, questions and experiences, let alone process my way through them. Yoga helped me manage my highly sensitive nature and the anxiety, stress, fears, depression and attention & focus I needed to function in society. Yoga, and later on Mindfulness Meditation, calmed my nervous system, allowed me to connect deep within, and guided me on my new life path. I eventually moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 where more yoga classes were available and I continued to heal and grow by doing my yoga & meditation practice. I had an accident in 2014, breaking my left elbow, and used yoga along with physical therapy to heal. That prompted me to become a teacher, completing my 200 HR at Kripalu. Adding 300 HR in Therapeutic Essentials and another 18 Hrs in Yoga Nidra. Today I see the gift of the challenges I went through growing up, and coming to the other side with a deeper awareness of who I am, my purpose in life. I’m a traveler & bridge to other cultures of the world sharing my experience and learning along the way… It’s never too late to begin the journey and take that first step. I’m here to guide and share my journey and experiences and learn about yours…Namaste.

Giving back

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